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Bookkeeping for Businesses

Bookkeeping for Businesses

Elevate Your Business with Expert Bookkeeping for Business Services

Our bookkeeping for business services allows you the convenience to comfortably outsource your bookkeeping needs and focus on the core function of your business.  

Jengar Bookkeeping Solutions (JBS) can help you set up a new business, a new business segment, or clean up an existing one.

We can help you develop reports that provide a better understanding of your business and give you a summary of your business performance at a glance.  

Discover How Our Expertise Can Benefit Your Business

Accounts payables and accounts receivables

Review or prepare accounts payables and receivables reports to ensure that records reflect the accurate amounts owed to or by the customers.

Chart of Accounts Review/Set-up

Ensure the appropriate general ledger (GL) accounts are set-up and transactions are recorded accordingly.

Data entry

Record the day-to-day transactions of business activities on a regular basis.

Variance Reports

Provide explanations for over/under budget performance against actual results.

Review operating processes

Review processes to ensure that back office procedures are properly documented and operating efficiently.

Metrics and KPIs Report

Calculate and report on major metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) on a monthly or quarterly basis or as required.

Analyzing General Ledger Accounts

Review major GL accounts for Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet and prepare appropriate schedules for auditors.

Bank and Credit Cards Reconciliations

Review and reconcile statements to determine outstanding transactions and identify and resolve discrepancies

Month-end and Year-End Closure

Ensure that correct accounting procedures are followed at the year’s end to close the business from the previous year, carrying forward the balances from the previous year, and open a posting account for the current year.

A similar process is done for the month-end.  

Financial Reporting & Review

Prepare a full set of Financial Statements which include Cashflow, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet.

The Cashflow Statement shows how changes in the balance sheet accounts and profit and loss affect cash and cash equivalent.  It is broken down into three sections: operating, financing and investing activities.

The Profit and Loss Statement (P&L) shows all your revenues and expenses. The P&L can also be called the income and expenditure statement and can include items like payroll, office supplies, advertising, rent and insurance.

The Balance Sheet Statement shows assets and liabilities and presents the company’s financial position at the end of a specified date.  This is prepared on a monthly basis.

The Financial Statements can be prepared by clients and JBS reviews and provide feedback.

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What our customers are saying

Shanique Francis
Shanique Francis
I cannot recommend Jengar Bookkeeping Solutions tax preparation service enough! They made the process of filing my business taxes so easy and stress-free. They are incredibly knowledgeable and walked me through every step of the process, ensuring that I didn't miss any anything. They were also extremely responsive to any questions I had along the way. Thanks for your help Jengar! I ended up saving a lot of money on my taxes this year. Look no further folks, they are the best!
Hope Udombon
Hope Udombon
Jengar Bookkeeping Solutions is one of the best bookkeeping services l know. They help businesses maintain a thorough and accurate account records. Thank you, Jengar Bookkeeping Solutions for your valuable insight and dedication to ensuring that our financial records are on track.
As the founder of Dara Publishing LLC, I have a tremendous amount of responsibilities and my company’s financial records were at the top of that list. The numbers matter, and my business needed an accurate financial picture to make intelligent decisions, and Jengar Bookkeeping Solutions provided just that. I’ve been using Jengar Bookkeeping and Accounting services for a couple of years, and their service is meticulous and very professional. Jennifer, the head accountant and the owner, has become an integral part of my team. As a result, I can completely let go and focus on my clients wholeheartedly. Speaking from experience, trying to learn the subtle art of bookkeeping means taking your focus off the areas of your business that you are passionate about. This can cause you to become overwhelmed quickly, especially if you’re a new business owner. Therefore, let Jengar Bookkeeping Solutions support you so you can focus on changing lives.
Anne Small
Anne Small
When you are doing everything yourself without the requisite knowledge and skill, this can be devastating and it is challenging to focus on the core function of the business. As a business owner, you should focus on functions that will generate revenue and grow your business. It is best to outsource the management of the business finances to an experienced accountant or bookkeeper. Having Jennifer Henderson, the CEO and owner of Jengar Bookkeeping Solutions as a part of your team is invaluable, and will eliminate the stress of the financial aspects of your business. I highly recommend Jennifer Henderson and Jengar Bookkeeping Solutions.
Renee M
Renee M
Jengar Bookkeeping helped my business have a better look at its financial picture and make better decisions for future plans
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